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September 29, 2020
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If You Find Mistakes...

If you find mistakes on this website, consider that they are put here for a purpose. The Staff tries to publish something for all members in the limited space available. Some people are always trying to find mistakes, so here they may be. ~Editor

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 IAFF136.ORG Is The Official Publication Of
Dayton Firefighters Local 136

Steve Dunham

Managing Editor:

Local 136 Sponsored Charities

Members of the Dayton Firefighters raise money for several different very worthwhile charities throughout the year.

  • Miami Valley Hospital Burn Unit
  • Children's Medical Center
  • MDA
  • Miami Valley Firefighter/EMS Memorial
  • Christmas from the Firehouse Program

To read more information on each charity and the events held, please click on the appropriate sub-menu.

Jan 23, 2008

Miami Valley Firefighters THANK YOU for Donating Aluminum Cans for Burn Victims

The men and women of Dayton Firefighters IAFF Local 136 are dedicated to more than just fighting fires and saving lives. For the past 20 years, the Dayton Firefighters have held the annual Burn Unit Golf Outing. In the beginning, it was a small golf outing dedicated to collecting funds to donate to the Miami Valley Burn Units in an attempt to give aid to the men and women of the Miami Valley that suffer from the physical and psychological pain of burns received by fire. Today, the golf outing is very well known in the area.

The day of the tournament, we have so many participants that both courses at Kitty Hawk have to be used by nearly 250 Miami Valley area golfers. The Burn Tournament earns nearly $10,000 annually to be given to the Miami Valley Firefighters Burn Foundation and further dispersed to Children’s Medical Center and Miami Valley Hospital. The Dayton Firefighters also participate in the Aluminum Cans for Burn Victims program by collecting cans from area restaurants, sports complexes, and the public to increase the amount we can give to the Burn Foundation. In the past year, we have collected nearly $7000 in aluminum cans. These combined efforts achieve nearly $20,000 a year to aid in the recovery from burns received by fire.

Originally sponsored in the 1980s by the Alcoa Company in an effort to promote recycling nationwide, the Aluminum Cans for Burn Victims program has raised more than $250,000 for burn victims throughout the Miami Valley. Through the efforts of individual citizens, small businesses and large corporations, Miami Valley firefighters have been able to collect what otherwise may become trash, and turn it into needed money to assist victims of fire.

A self-sustained program, not requiring any outside funding, multiple trailers and collection sites are located throughout the Miami Valley for citizens and companies to drop off their aluminum cans. Other than operating expenses, all funds collected are donated to assist children and victims of fire throughout the Miami Valley.

A special thanks to our Firefighters in Springfield, Fairborn, Huber Heights, Washington Township, Dayton, Miami Township / Enon, and the Wayne Boosters, without whose efforts this program would not be a success.

Cans may be bagged or dropped-off individually, whatever is most convenient for the donor. Crushed cans are acceptable, and preferred as they allow more cans to be loaded in the same trailer. Please empty any partially filled cans before donating, as they incorrectly increase weight. Also, with time, partially filled beverages will eventually leak through porous trash bags, and create a mess at your collection site. Consider where you locate your collection site at home or work, as summer-time brings bees and insects. If outdoors, also take into consideration the wind. PLEASE, NO PAPER, PLASTICS OR OTHER TRASH. Reference the list below to locate your nearest Drop-Off Location.


Kettering, Oakwood, & South Dayton
(Belmont, Patterson Park, Shroyer Park)
Dayton Fire Station #15, 2801 Wayne Avenue at Watervliet. (Trailer in side parking lot at east side of firehouse)

Huber Heights, North Dayton
1.) Dayton Fire Department Station #12, 4236 Brandt Pike @ Needmore (trailer behind firehouse)
2.) Huber Heights Fire Division Headquarters Station #22, 7008 Brandt Pike (201) (trailer behind firehouse)
3.) Huber Heights Fire Station #23, 7435 Old Troy Pike (202) (trailer behind firehouse)
4.) Wayne Boosters Community Center, 5367 Fishburg Road, (fenced-in area at West side of building; sign on fence)

1.) Springfield Fire Department Headquarters, 350 N. Fountain Avenue (use Smilin’Bob Way to access can trailer at rear)
2.) Springfield Fire Station # 7, 437 E. Home Road (trailer behind firehouse)

Washington Township, Centerville, S. Kettering
Washington Township Fire Department Station # 44, 6690 Centerville Business Parkway . (Two (2) large blue barrels for collecting cans).

Mad River Township and Enon
Mad River Township / Enon Fire & EMS Station, 260 E. Main Street (Dayton/Springfield Rd.), Enon. (Trailer behind firehouse)

Fairborn Fire Department Station # 4, 444 W. Funderburg Road (trailer behind firehouse)

If enough cans are collected, we will come to you for pick-up. Contact the Can Administrator via email at Please leave a message with your name, business, any questions/concerns, and a contact telephone number. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Jan 23, 2008

MDA is the one of our largest fundraisers, and the "adopted" charity of the IAFF (International Association of Fire Fighters). In April 2003 Local 136 held its 13th annual "Lock-up" for MDA. This was a one day event held at the new Schuster Center in downtown Dayton. Participants were "arrested" on various "trumped up" charges, brought before a Judge and fined for their "crime". At that time they were given approx. 1 hour to raise their bail. This years event raised over $92,000. Last years event raised a similar amount and all proceeds were presented at the local Labor Day telethon. To date Local 136 has donated $343,246.00 to MDA

The IAFF headlined the 2003 Jerry Lewis Telethon by delivering a record-breaking $18.3 million for MDA, the largest single total in the 38-year history of the fundraiser. The IAFF has raised more than $220 million to date and has been the largest national sponsor of MDA for several years.

IAFF members have raised more than $220 million for MDA in past 50 years through their passionate Fill-the-Boot campaigns, Chili Cook-Offs, Ride-for-Life events, sports tournaments, celebrity galas, raffle draws, and variety of other fundraisers. This money supports MDA summer camps for children, world wide research efforts, professional and public health education and many other programs.

Jan 23, 2008

Jul 15, 2008

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