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If you find mistakes on this website, consider that they are put here for a purpose. The Staff tries to publish something for all members in the limited space available. Some people are always trying to find mistakes, so here they may be. ~Editor

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Managing Editor:

Guidelines for Ride-A-Long Program
Updated On: Sep 16, 2016
All Explorers, 16 years of age or older, may participate in the ride-a-long program.  The explorer must have all the necessary paperwork and testing completed and on file prior to requesting to ride. The explorer will request ride time no earlier than two weeks before date requested to ride.   Once approved and scheduled, the explorer will be notified. Explorers will be permitted to ride within the hours of 0700 and 1900 hours (Monday thru Sunday).
Explorer Dress Code:
  • Exhibit good personal hygiene
  • Fire Department approved t-shirt
  • Blue or black pants with belt
  • Gym shoes or work boots
  • No sagging pants
  • No hats or head gear of any type except for accessories used to secure hair
  • No jewelry
  • Explorers are not permitted to deviate from this uniform.
Explorer Responsibilities:
  • Arrive promptly and not be late
  • Follow the orders of the supervisor to which they are assigned for the day
  • Perform those duties assigned to them
  • Adhere to Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct:
  • Use of tobacco products is prohibited
  • Cell phone use during ride-a-along is prohibited (includes texting & photography)
  • Use of Ipods/ MP3 players/Hand held game systems is prohibited
  • Use of department radios or computers is prohibited
  • Driving or operating any fire department vehicle or apparatus is prohibited
  • Use of motorized power equipment (mower, trimmer etc) is prohibited
  • Horseplay/Fighting is prohibited
  • Insubordination is prohibited
  • Explorers may not be substituted for trained personnel.
  • Explorers must be equipped with personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the activity being done.
  • Explorers who ride on apparatus or other department vehicles must be seated and must wear a seat belt.
  • Explorers may not climb aerial ladders.
  • Explorers may not climb ground ladders that exceed 35 feet in length, or not supported against a structure.
  • Explorers may not enter or perform ventilation procedures on a burning structure.
  • Explorers may not use any tools or gloves on energized electrical equipment.
  • Explorers may not operate cutting torches
  • Explorers may not operate hydraulic rescue tools or equipment.
  • Exceptions: Using an official training facility, the use of aerial ladders with the appropriate safety equipment, and entering a controlled burn building is approved

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According to the OAPFF, they are experiencing problems with non-members acquiring our OAPFF/IAFF license plates. The OAPFF is currently working on a more secure process for our members to obtain the OAPFF license plate, in the interim, requests for the documents that are required to obtain the Professional Firefighter license plate should be made through the Local President. We hope the members understand that this is simply a step in ensuring the law enforcement community, the public as well as our membership that those who choose to display the IAFF license plate are truly Ohio's Professional Firefighters.
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